Watch Grimes Debut Her DARPA-Inspired ROLI Soundpack “Electromagnetic Pulse”

Grimes teamed up with the London-based music tech company ROLI to create a unique soundpack. ROLI is known for creating an instrument called the Seabord, which is a type of synthesizer that allows musicians to play in-between notes. ROLI later developed BLOCKS, a touch screen modular system, as well as NOISE, a music making app for iOS devices. Grimes designed a soundpack for BLOCKS as well as NOISE that she calls “Electromagnetic Pulse.” Particular sounds were inspired by DARPA as well as the Battle Of Stalingrad. “My worst nightmare is being in the battle of Stalingrad. They just had the Russian symphony performing throughout the battle,” she said in a trailer while explaining that many of the sounds in the soundpack are somewhat “screechy and stressful.” “My last album was just too many guitars, so [this] is just the opposite of guitars.” Watch the trailer below.

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