SoundCloud Acquisition Rumors Heat Up Again

SoundCloud is a vastly popular streaming platform that has been hemorrhaging money for years, so you shouldn’t be surprised that the people behind the site are doing what they can to sell it. Last year, there were reports that Spotify was in “advanced talks” to buy SoundCloud. And while those plans have apparently cooled off, the New York Post reports that there are a number of companies lined up to try buying SoundCloud.

Spotify is still in the mix of SoundCloud suitors, and Apple and Google are in the mix as well. But the most serious suitor appears to be Deezer, the France-based streaming service. The Post quotes an insider as saying, “Deezer is making a serious run.” Another says, “There will be a lot of consolidation, if you are Deezer or Spotify. SoundCloud’s massive user base — one that is melting as it grapples with a shrinking pile of cash — lets you convert.”

SoundCloud’s founders were hoping for the company to be valued at $1 billion, but the Post says that they’ll probably end up getting $700 million or less instead.

In any case, enjoy SoundCloud in its current form while you can, since it seems likely to become a part of a bigger corporation before long.

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