Watch Chance The Rapper Cover Stevie Wonder & Recite A New Poem In His Tiny Desk Concert

NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts have become an institution, but they don’t often feature actual superstars. This time, they got one. Chance The Rapper stopped by NPR’s Washington, DC offices before a recent show at the massive outdoor shed venue Jiffy Lube Live and performed a couple of songs for NPR’s cameras. In his Tiny Desk Concert, Chance did a laid-back version of the glowing Coloring Book deep cut “Juke Jam” and covered Stevie Wonder’s 1974 classic “They Won’t Go When I Go,” both with his touring band backing him up. In between those two songs, Chance recited a new poem called “The Other Side,” which he’d written specifically for the occasion. When the office intercom interrupted him, he started over again. Watch the video below.

The self-released Coloring Book is out now.