Diddy Finally Explains That Viral Photo Of Him Looking At Money

Back in February of 2009, Diddy took in a Knicks/Cavaliers game at Madison Square Garden, and someone snapped a photo of him in a very specific moment. Diddy had just pulled a big wad of money out of his pocket, and he was staring at a $1 bill with abject disgust. It was like someone had just handed him a pillowcase full of boogers and tarantulas.. There are emotions in that face: Shock, horror, utter disdain at the mere existence of something as piddly as a $1 bill. Thankfully, the paper of record is on it. During a recent interview, The New York Times asked Diddy what was going on in that photo, and Diddy’s explanation is utterly fascinating:

I love a $1 bill! I just make weird faces sometimes.

Just kidding, that wasn’t interesting at all! Also, Puff Daddy & The Family’s No Way Out turned 20 last week.

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