Prins Thomas Remixed An Entire Dungen Album

For his next trick, Norwegian producer Prins Thomas has remixed an entire album by Swedish prog-psych masters Dungen. Dubbed Häxan (Versions By Prins Thomas), the collection involved Thomas ripping apart and reimagining Häxan, the album Dungen released last year based on their score for the 1926 film The Adventures Of Prince Achmed. As Thomas explains in a statement via email, it was a labor of love:

Dungen has long been one of my favourite bands. Their music is a daily staple in the house, so much so that even my 3 year old daughter recognises any Dungen record from the first few seconds playing. If there’s any “dream comes true’s” left, having Joakim (Smalltown Supersound founder) request a remix for them comes close. The tracks in question was the music for the 1929 animation film Adventures of Prince Achmed, the music that later became the Häxan album. With all the possibilities AND the limitations these tapes had it would be easy to get lost on the way… and of course, it DID get totally out of hand and I ended up with over an hour of recorded material. It has to be pointed out, this is NOT a ‘Dungen’ album, but more like an exploration of the raw material. In some places only using a single sound or two to construct something new, in other places just rearranging sections of songs. Hope you all enjoy hearing this record heard through a new set of ears.

Our first preview of the project is “Trollkarlen och fågeldräkten (Version 2),” which you can hear below.

Häxan (Versions By Prins Thomas) is out 8/25 on Smalltown Supersound. Pre-order it here.