Kid Rock Claims He’s Running For Senate

A few months after we learned that the Michigan Republican Party was considering onetime rap-metal wildman Kid Rock as a possible senatorial candidate, Kid Rock himself has declared, on Twitter, that he’s running for Senate:

Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow is up for reelection next year, and someone clearly thinks that the guy who sang “Bawitdaba” is the answer. Kid Rock has made himself a presence in politics in recent years; last year, he endorsed Donald Trump for president and then, alongside Ted Nugent, visited Trump in the White House. He would presumably be the only sitting Senator with a history of painting the town red and painting your wife white.

However, right now the Kid Rock For Senate website is just a link to buy some Kid Rock For Senate merch and a photo of Kid looking vaguely contemplative, along with a rotating set of bumper-sticker slogans: “Get in the Senate and try to help someone,” “Pimp of the nation,” “You never met a politician quite like me.” Also: “Are you scared?” (Quite frankly, yes!)

As many have noted, the site’s source code is owned by Warner Bros., Kid’s label, which means this whole thing is probably a publicity stunt:

Journalist Robert Maguire notes that Kid Rock has not filed any paperwork to run for Senate…

And according to the Associated Press “party officials say they have not heard from him.”

Let’s all weep for what might’ve been.

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