Lana Del Rey Shares Vague Update On Miles Kane Collaboration

Lana Del Rey shared two new songs today via Beats 1 radio. The first is called “Summer Bummer” (Feat. A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti) and the second is “Groupie Love,” which also features Rocky. Soon after, LDR shared the Lust For Life album art and tracklist, and during an interview with Zane Lowe we learned that she nearly started a band with the Last Shadow Puppets’ Miles Kane. (Yes, that Miles Kane.) LDR has spoken about collaborating with Kane before, but she elaborated on her relationship to the Last Shadow Puppets during her chat with Lowe.

Lana Del Rey: Oh my God, I’ve done so much with Miles. At first me and Miles and some of the guys who are in the Last Shadow Puppets were kind of like, working on a side project and had our own band and stuff

Zane Lowe: When was this?

Lana Del Rey: It was like… December through March

Zane Lowe: Wow. So this was a thing you were thinking of making more concrete?

Lana Del Rey: Yeah because I didn’t have a world tour planned and they didn’t have anything either ’cause I think Alex is working on his stuff but… yeah so it kind of seemed like a good idea but after listening to all the songs it seemed like they were for Miles. Like, Miles’ solo stuff. So I know him and Zach Dawes — who’s in the Last Shadow Puppets — have been working on that stuff for him, for the Last Shadow Puppets. But I hope they keep the tracks that we did, we did so many of them.

LDR also chatted about how much she loves FaceTime and what it felt like to invite Stevie Nicks to the studio to work on the Lust For Life track “Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems.” Listen to the interview in full here.