Samantha Urbani – “Hints And Implications”

Last month, Samantha Urbani shared “Go Deeper,” her first new song in quite a while. The track came accompanied by the news that Urbani’s debut solo release, the Policies Of Power EP, would be out later this year. Now, the EP has a release date (8/18) and she’s debuted another new track from it. (Previous songs “1 2 3 4” and “U Know I Know” are also included on the 5-track EP.) “Hints And Implications” is the EP’s energetic opening track, and it’s shuffling and busy, with power riffs and Urbani’s breathy vocals rounding out her fuller sound. Here’s what Urbani had to say about the track in a press release:

at its core its about the ontology of truth – whether interpersonal communication/”honesty” is even possible, considering the subjectivity of our individual reality-perception. but surface level its really about that breaking point where you stop trying with someone when you can’t even get a motherfuckin text back.

Listen to it below.

01 “Hints And Implications”
02 “1 2 3 4″
03 “U Know I Know”
04 “Go Deeper”
05 “Time Time Time”

The Policies Of Power EP is out 8/18 via Lucky Number/URU.