Watch Slayer Play The Tonight Show

Back when Slayer were setting new standards for speed and brutality, helping to establish thrash metal as a thing, people just weren’t booking extreme metal bands as musical guests on late-night shows. But the world is a smaller, weirder place these days. So, after 36 years of being a band, Slayer finally made their The Tonight Show debut last night. They played their classic-until-death 1986 rager “Raining Blood,” and it made for a strange spectacle. Part of the appeal of a Slayer show is that somebody might punch you in the head the minute the big riff kicks in, and nobody’s doing that in Rockefeller Plaza. Also, only half of the current Slayer lineup was in the band when they recorded that song. Still, you can’t hear this song and not get excited. The band also took part in the show’s online Tales From Tour series, looking grimy as fuck on the green-room couch and making each other giggle. Watch both the performance and the tour-stories bit below.

UPDATE: As several commenters have pointed out, Slayer played Kimmel years ago, so this wasn’t actually their late night debut. Still, you can watch the performance below anyway.

Hot take alert: This is all part of Jimmy Fallon’s long campaign to normalize Donald Trump.