Stream Amy O Elastic

For the past couple months, we’ve been listening to the batch of singles from the Bloomington, Indiana musician Amy O — “Spill,” “History Walking,” “Lavender Night,” and “Sunday Meal” — in anticipation for her forthcoming full-length Elastic. The follow-up to last year’s Arrow is a mix of both spry and mellow-tempered indie rock tunes that are, overall, contemplative and evoke strong images.

The singer-songwriter reaches snow-dusted mountain highs, contrasting against her sea-level vocal mainstay. Her lyrics are whimsical and astute. “Every story has an ending, only you were there from the beginning,” she sings on the chorus of “Soft Skin.” The line, “I woke myself up when a dream became a hideout,” is a personal favorite from “History Walking.” Easygoing electric guitar melodies wrap around her words, tenderly securing them, like a plush velvet hair scrunchy. Stream Elastic below.

Elastic is out 8/4 on Winspear. Pre-order it here.