Stream Downtown Boys Cost Of Living

Next week, the incredible Providence punk band Downtown Boys will release Cost Of Living, their third album and their first for Sub Pop. It is an absolute monster, a raging maelstrom of political fire and seesawing post-hardcore dynamics. Former Fugazi co-leader Guy Picciotto produced the album, and its freewheeling, sax-laced attack recalls the primal urgency of ancestral punks like X-Ray Spex and Kleenex/LiLiPUT. The lyrics, many of which are in Spanish, address a world that’s recently become even more dangerous and unstable for so many vulnerable populations. I swear I’m not speaking out of my ass when I call this one of the first great pieces of political art of the Trump era. We’ve posted the early songs “Somo Chulas (No Somos Pendejas),” “A Wall,” and “Lips That Bite.” And right now, you can stream the whole album at NPR.

Cost Of Living is out 8/11 on Sub Pop.