Briana Marela – “Farthest Shore” Video

Briana Marela’s new album, Call It Love, is out today, and the experimental pop musician has shared a video for “Farthest Shore” to commemorate the occasion. It’s a spooky, shadowy vision with Marela at the center of a nightmare where it feels like she might never get out; Marela co-directed it alongside Bobby McHugh. In a new interview with Billboard, she explained what the video was about: “I have had night terrors since I was a child, sleep paralysis, and horrible nightmares where I am trapped in my dreams and can’t wake up in the true reality. These night terrors served as a big inspiration in regards to my initial vision for the music video I wanted to make for ‘Farthest Shore.’” Watch below.

Call It Love is out now via Jagjaguwar.