Justin Bieber DM’d A Gym To Ask About One Of Their Employees

Justin Bieber is not smart. We all know this, and I don’t think I need to recap his moronic endeavors in this blog post that I am now writing for you, the loyal readers of Stereogum.com. We have an archive of Bieber-related incident reports you can peruse on your own time. For now, I give you: Justin Bieber’s most recent shaming.

It all started when Bieber, a known celebrity, decided to slide into the Instagram DMs of a local gym in Savannah, GA called Fitness On Broughton. Why? Presumably because he finds this woman attractive:

Bieber’s DM read: “Who is that girl? <3 ? In ur latest post." As it turns out, the woman in the video is named Jessica Gober and she is a fitness and nutrition coach. Upon receiving the DM, Gober did what any person with half a mind would do if Justin Bieber contacted their place of employment in a flirtatious manner: she tweeted about it.

Gober told Buzzfeed that she has no idea how Bieber found this particular video of her because the Fitness On Broughton Instagram account only had 70 followers at the time the DM occurred. Now the gym has 2,967 followers and counting. Someone get this woman a raise!