Webster Hall May Be Closed For Years, Change Its Name

Longstanding New York City concert venue Webster Hall shuttered its doors on Thursday after announcing in June that it had sold its lease to Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment and would be closing for “extensive renovations.” Although it was never disclosed exactly how long the renovations would take, it was rumored to be a few months. But a new story in Billboard documenting the club’s final days reveals that Webster Hall may be closed until late 2019 or early 2020. “The length of the renovation period has grown drastically from the original projections,” says Heath Miller, Webster’s VP of entertainment. “I’m sure it’s going to emerge a much cleaner and shinier place, which is good on many levels, like the bathrooms. I hope the energy, character and vibe that makes Webster Hall special remains intact.”

And when Webster Hall does reopen, it might be under a totally different name. There have been reports that the venue’s new corporate overlords want to rename it Spectrum Hall, although Gerard McNamee, Webster’s longtime longtime Director Of Operations, can’t believe the rumors. “I don’t see how it would make sense to change the name — what, ‘Spectrum Center’ or ‘Spectrum Hall’ or ‘Barclays Hall’ or ‘Bowery Hall’?” he says. “I’d be surprised — but who the hell knows?” Get ready to party at Spectrum Hall in 2020!