LCD Soundsystem Launch Dance Tonite VR Experience

LCD Soundsystem have partnered with artists Jonathan Puckey and Moniker and the Data Arts Team to launch Dance Tonite, a VR experience set to the band’s new single “Tonite.” It’s a sort of virtual dance party with choreography recorded by room-scale VR setups, and participants without room-scale setups can either go from room to room to view the performances or see everything from a bird’s eye view. “I’m not naturally collaborative and I’m not naturally interested in technology. I’m a loner and a luddite,” James Murphy says. “If there’s a project that impels me to collaborate based on technology and it seems interesting, I’ll try it because it gets me out of my comfort zone…The uncanniness of the Dance Tonite experience is super entertaining and weird, and I really enjoy it.” Watch a video explaining the making of the project below and experience it for yourself here.