French Montana Says Rappers Who Don’t Want Features On Their Albums Are Weirdos

There has never, in the history of the world, been a rapper more reliant on guest-verses than French Montana. That’s because French is the worst part of every French Montana song. French is currently enjoying his greatest-ever success with “Unforgettable,” a song where he’s an afterthought to the Swae Lee hook and the Afrobeats-jacking beat. On “No Shoppin’,” he’s overshadowed by Drake. On “Pop That,” he’s overshadowed by Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and Drake. On “Shot Caller,” he’s overshadowed by the Lords Of The Underground sample and Charlie Rock’s hook. On “Freaks,” Nicki Minaj just chews him up and spits him out. “Bring Dem Things,” the best French song in ages, is all about the Pharrell verse. (French is pretty good on “Ain’t Worried About Nothin’,” a song with no guests. I’ll give him that.) And now French would like you to know that this is the right way for a rapper to be. In fact, he thinks that artists who try to make albums with no guests are weirdos.

As HipHop-N-More points out, French made the claim in a recent interview with Paper. Here’s what he had to say about all the recent artists (J. Cole, Future, 21 Savage) who have put out successful albums with no guests:

Who sits there thinking about weird shit like [going platinum with no features]? Those people who put albums out by themselves are weirdos. Music is about having fun. If I’m chilling with A$AP Rocky, or chilling with Drake or the Weeknd and we record, and then I have to say, ‘Look here, bro, I’m thinking about dropping this album just by myself’? Artists would stop fucking with you.

I guess if “having an interesting persona or personality” isn’t an option, artists no longer fucking with you would be devastating.

In related news, a new “Unforgettable” remix with Mariah Carey is coming out tonight. Here’s a preview: