Mastodon Were Zombies In The Game Of Thrones Season Finale

Two years go, the members of the great Atlanta metal band Mastodon made an extremely brief appearance on Game Of Thrones, playing wildlings on the much-loved surprise-battle episode “Hardhome.” (The band also contributed the song “White Walker” to the show’s Catch The Throne, Vol. 2 mixtape.) On last night’s season finale of the show, band members Brann Dailor, Bill Kelliher, and Brent Hinds were back on the show. This time, they were zombies who were part of the army of the dead, storming their way south to Westeros. (A press release says that the members of Mastodon were White Walkers, but that’s not right. They were wights, soldiers in the endless army controlled by the Night King and his White Walkers. Hi, I’m a dork.)

The best thing about this cameo: It totally makes sense. It’s internally consistent. The Mastodon guys aren’t playing entirely new characters. Instead, it’s easy enough to believe that their characters died at Hardhome and that they were made into wights. That leaves the door open for an undead Ed Sheeran to show up on the show’s final season.

In related news, Mastodon will release a new EP called Cold Dark Place next month. It features four previously unreleased songs — three from the sessions that produced their 2014 album Once More ‘Round The Sun and one from the sessions for this year’s Emperor Of Sand. It’s out 9/22.