Dan Auerbach – “Stand By My Girl” Video

Dan Auerbach – “Stand By My Girl” Video

The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach has already given us three colorful music videos from his recent solo album Waiting On A Song — “Shine On Me,” “King Of A One Horse Town,” and the title track — and now he’s added another for “Stand By My Girl.” Director Allister Ann takes the “I’m gonna stand by my girl, because she’ll kill me if I don’t” line and really runs with it, envisioning the song as a darkly comic short film about a murderous girlfriend.

“Sometimes you just get lucky. A song, an artist and a vision come together and seem to align perfectly, and when that happens, it’s pure magic,” Ann says. “Dan said this was mine to run with, and receiving that trust and confidence from someone I have respected and admired for years was exciting. Dan’s lyrics told the story, and I was challenged to do my very best to bring them visually to life.” Watch below, and wait for Auerbach’s little cameo at the end.

Waiting On A Song is out now on Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound.

Dan Auerbach
CREDIT: Alysse Gafkjen

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