Björk Announces New Single “The Gate”

There’s some new Björk coming in just a few weeks. We don’t yet know the details of Björk’s forthcoming album, the follow-up to 2015’s devastating Vulnicura. She announced the album last month, and she reportedly co-produced it with her Vulnicura co-producer Arca. In an interview, she called it her “Tinder album,” which is awesome to think about. And while Björk hasn’t yet announced a released date for the album — she’s merely said that it’s “coming soon’ — we now know that the album’s first single is called “The Gate,” and that it’ll be out digitally 9/18. A single-sided 12″ single will be out 9/22. Here’s what Björk says about the new song:

“the gate” is essentially a love song, but i say “love” in a more transcendent way. vulnicura was about a very personal loss, and i think this new album is about a love that’s even greater. it’s about rediscovering love — but in a spiritual way, for lack of a better word.

You can pre-order the vinyl version of “The Gate” here.

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