Stream Small Circle Cyclical

Cyclical is Small Circle’s debut album, but it comes with the established pedigree and experience of having three Sorority Noise members playing in it, which means it makes for a pretty damn good listen. They’re joined by first-timer Marissa D’Elia, who serves as the locus for most of the band’s soft and skittering songs. We’ve heard two of them already, “Spinning” and “Mornings,” but there’s a lot more to dig into here. Two of my favorites: the driving centerpiece, “Ritual,” on which D’Elia and Cameron Boucher duet a message of self-empowerment (“I wanna be my best protector”), and the knotted, sharp, and chiming “Futile.” Stream the whole album below.

Cyclical is out 9/8 via Flower Girl Records. Pre-order it here.

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