Hear Lorde’s Ridiculously Charming WTF Podcast Conversation With Marc Maron

Especially in the past few years, Marc Maron has interviewed a whole lot of rock stars on his WTF podcast. But up until now, I’m pretty sure he’s never welcomed a straight-up pop star into his garage. That changed this morning. The latest episode of WTF is an extremely charming hour-long conversation with Lorde, who made one of this year’s best albums and who, based on this interview, should really be on the show every week. I’m less than halfway into the podcast right now, but they’ve already talked at length about fear of toxic shock syndrome, the New Zealand housing crisis, and early Fleetwood Mac. (Maron’s reaction to hearing that Lorde loves original Fleetwood Mac frontman Peter Green is probably the best thing I’ve heard today.) You can hear the full conversation here.

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