Watch Post Malone Cover Nirvana’s “All Apologies”

Grinning Auto-Tunes sing-rapper Post Malone is the type of rapper who makes sure to point out how much he loves Hank Williams and Pantera, and he’s been known to call his style “trap-folk.” At live shows, he likes to pull out an acoustic guitar for a few songs. So maybe it’s only natural that he’d eventually get around to covering Nirvana. As Reddit points out, Post took on “All Apologies” solo-acoustic at last night’s Boston show. And honestly? Not bad! Post Malone managed to summon some of the song’s original intensity, and while his performance doesn’t rise above the “very good dorm-room singalong” level, it at least gets there. Watch a fan-made video below.

Post Malone covering All Apologies in Boston, MA. (9/12) from Nirvana

I am genuinely impressed that Post Malone’s audience knows all the words to “All Apologies,” a song that presumably came out before most of them were born.