Dan Deacon Soundtracks New Documentary With Theremins Controlled By Rats

Rat Film is a new experimental documentary directed by Theo Anthony that explores the history of Baltimore through its rat population, and he got noted Baltimore resident Dan Deacon to compose an original soundtrack for it. Deacon partially composed the score by looking at data recordings of rat brain activity and from the results of theremins controlled by rats in an enclosure. You can see how that process worked in a short making-of documentary, which you can watch below.

Rat Film comes out on 9/15 in NYC, Baltimore, and Chicago; it’ll be available on digital platforms on 10/3. Here’s a trailer for the movie:

01 “Redlining”
02 “Horn Phase”
03 “Pelican”
04 “OCME”
05 “Harold”
06 “Reed Clouds”
07 “Seagull”
08 “Calhoun”
09 “Rat Poison”
10 “Video Game”
11 “Harold’s Lament”
12 “Map Overlays”

The Rat Film soundtrack is out 10/13 via Domino’s new Soundtracks imprint. Pre-order it here.

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