Watch Action Bronson Eat Ziti Pizza With Seth Meyers

Action Bronson still makes rap music, and sometimes he even performs that rap music on late-night TV; he was a musical guest on The Tonight Show last month. But right now, he devotes at least as much time to that celebrity-chef life. Last year, Seth Meyers invited Bronson onto his show to cook octopus. And last night, Bronson was back on Seth Meyers, promoting his Fuck, That’s Delicious cookbook and showing off his new scalp tattoo. He brought Meyers a ziti pizza from his local Afghani pizzeria, proved inept at removing pizza from ovens, and cussed a bunch. He also asked Meyers to help him name his new late-night show even though they’re going to be competitors. And he made fun of Meyers for taking steroids. It’s fun! Watch it below.

The Fuck, That’s Delicious cookbook is out now, as is Bronson’s Blue Chips 7000 album.