New Screaming Females Single “Black Moon” Only Available At New Jersey Record Store

New Jersey punk rock power trio Screaming Females, one of the very best bands on this planet we call Earth, have a new single out. That’s the good news. But “Black Moon,” the band’s new jam, is not online. And if you want to hear it, you will need to get your ass over to Spina Records in New Brunswick, New Jersey, by noon today. That’s when the band’s “Black Moon” 7″ will go on sale, and that is the only place it will go on sale. The new single is limited to 24 copies, and if you snag one, maybe play it for me over the phone? Here’s the info, via the store’s Facebook:

This song probably doesn’t have anything to do with the early-’90s Brooklyn roughneck rap group who made the classic album Enta Da Stage, but I won’t know for sure unless I hear it.