A. Savage – “Phantom Limbo”

Parquet Courts’ Andrew Savage is giving us his debut solo album, Thawing Dawn, in a couple of weeks. We’ve heard the galloping “Winter In The South” and the droning “Wild, Wild, Wild Horses,” and the excellently titled new song “Phantom Limbo” is another solid entry in Savage’s growing collection of dusty, comfortable country-rock, girded with pedal steel and lifted up by a choir of female backing vocals. “In life we attach ourselves to people that define periods of our life, and who we are in those eras,” Savage says of the song. “When suddenly those people are absent, our perception of reality shifts, maybe just minutely, but enough to startle us. My heart always tries to reconcile these absences in order to move on and gain a better understanding of who I am. That’s the foundation of ‘Phantom Limbo.'” Listen below.

Thawing Dawn is out 10/13 on Dull Tools.