Watch Ed Sheeran And Dave Chappelle Cover Radiohead

Watch Ed Sheeran And Dave Chappelle Cover Radiohead

We all have one go-to karaoke song, and for comedy legend Dave Chappelle, it’s apparently Radiohead’s falsetto-laden 1993 breakout “Creep.” Chappelle has sung the song in public a bunch of times over the years, including at a Portland strip club and at an Erykah Badu birthday party. And last week, Chappelle, in an act of deep randomness, got together with Ed Sheeran to sing the fucking thing.

NME reports that Sheeran, who had just headlined a show at Washington, DC’s Capitol One Arena, then headed to the Eighteenth Street Lounge for a party celebrating DC native Chappelle’s 30th year in comedy. The two ended up on a crowded stage together somehow, where they sang a version of “Creep” that was inexplicable full of smooth-jazz saxophone. Chappelle, who was almost certainly drunk, looked like he was having fun. Here’s video:

We’d all just gotten our minds around the idea that Chappelle and John Mayer were buddies. Now he has to be boys with Ed Sheeran, too?

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