WESTSIDEDOOM – “Gorilla Monsoon”

For the past two months, DOOM has been releasing a new song every week through Adult Swim as part of a project called The Missing Notebook Rhymes. Earlier today, we reported that Adult Swim had suddenly ended the partnership with no explanation, removing all seven of the songs that they’d already premiered. But we still get a new DOOM song today!

A few weeks ago, the grimy Buffalo underground rap star Westside Gunn announced that he was working with DOOM on a new project called WESTSIDEDOOM. Westside Gunn tells Hypebeast that the two rappers have recorded two songs together and that regular Westside Gunn collaborators Daringer and the Alchemist have produced them. And today, they’ve shared the Daringer-produced track “Gorilla Monsoon,” a diamond-hard, slightly sideways boom-bap track named after a legendary pro wrestler and commentator. Check it out below.

Judging by what Westside Gunn says, we shouldn’t expect a WESTSIDEDOOM album anytime soon, but we can look forward to that Alchemist track. But so, uh, what’s going on with DOOM?