Plush – “50/50 20/20″

In a couple weeks, Father/Daughter Records shining stars Sports and Plush are releasing a split together. We’ve already gotten one of Sports’ contributions, “Making It Right,” and today we have the honor of introducing Plush’s massive new song “50/50 20/20.” It’s the first we’ve heard from the San Francisco band since last year’s Please EP, and it’s an ambitious sprawl that pushes the band’s sound in two exciting directions.

The lighter first half (presumably the “50/50″ part of the equation) sounds beautifully uneasy in the not-knowing that’s elucidated by its chorus — “No, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know anything at all” — but that lack of knowledge turns sinister on the back half, eating the band alive in a smear of muddy scuzz. It evokes the disastrous long-term effects of not feeling secure in a relationship, and it makes the earlier half’s warning signs only flash that much brighter: “We were never good for each other/ Let that sink in.” “50/50 20/20″ demonstrates the difference between a risky bet and hindsight in sickening clarity. Listen to it below.

The Sports / Plush split EP is out 10/20 via Father/Daughter Records. Pre-order it here.

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