Son Lux – “Dream State”

Experimentation is the linchpin of Son Lux. Spearhead Ryan Lott debuted the project with his chamber pop full-length, At War With Walls & Mazes, incorporating a patchwork orchestra alongside his evocative lyricism and cinematic production. On his sophomore album, We Are Rising, Lott cast a wider collaborative reach and embraced the operatic; recorded with 15 other vocalists and musicians, the album feels like an exercise in instrument-driven storytelling, and a fruitful one at that. With Lanterns in 2013, Lott continued to utilize an ensemble and developed Son Lux’s medieval tone.

The 2015 LP Bones solidified Son Lux’s current lineup, a tight three-piece consisting of Lott, guitarist Rafiq Bhatia, and drummer Ian Chang. Bones deepened the dark shade cast by Lanterns and experimented with hip-hop-esque beats. The New York and LA-based trio went on to release the electro-anthemic EP Stranger Forms last summer, and the politically-charged and melodically jolting EP Remedy earlier this year.

Today, Son Lux released the first single off their forthcoming album, Brighter Wounds. “Dream State” tends toward a pop-friendly sound with a Coldplay-like chorus of “oh’s,” while maintaining their fanciful instrumentation and Lott’s shaky vocals at the forefront: “Invincible skin/ It’s how we all begin/ Awake, awake/ This is a dream state.” The song leads into a hypnotic interlude, fleshing out the the experimental, atmospheric backing that sets it apart from your typical pop anthem. Listen below.


01 “Forty Screams”
02 “Dream State”
03 “Labor”
04 “Slowly”
05 “The Fool You Need”
06 “All Directions”
07 “Aquatic”
08 “Surrounded”
09 “Young”
10 “Resurrection”

Brighter Wounds is out 2/9/18 via City Slang Records. Pre-order it here.

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