Shamir – “Straight Boy” Video

Shamir, once a rising dance-pop star, has left that world behind and gone full DIY, self-releasing the surprise lo-fi album Hope earlier this year and making plans to follow it up with a new LP called Revelations later this year. We’ve already posted his video for first single “90s Kids,” and now he’s followed that one up with a clip for a provocative new song called “Straight Boys.” First line: “Won’t someone tell me why / I always seem to let these straight boys run my life.” It’s a fuzzy, insular rock song that interrogates the straight-man mentality, doing its best to figure out what’s going on there. In the video, Shamir and another dude play guitar and sing the song against a plain white background. Check it out below.

Revelations is out 11/3 via Father/Daughter Records.

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