Hear Marc Maron Interview Marilyn Manson On WTF

Marilyn Manson has a long history with being weird to interviewers. Nearly a decade ago, he allegedly threatened and had his bodyguards choke SPIN’s executive editor, and more recently, he flicked a Guardian writer in the dick shortly after telling the writer that Columbine had ruined his career. So it’s fun to hear Manson talking to an interviewer who absolutely does not take him seriously. Manson is the most recent guest on Marc Maron’s great interview podcast WTF, and the best part of it is hearing Maron, clearly having a great time, giggling about the big pronouncements that Manson makes and subtly needling him for an hour. I’m only about halfway through the podcast, but it’s already involved Manson’s Vietnam-vet father, his experience getting kicked out of school for putting a dildo in his teacher’s desk, and the fan who tried to bite him on the dick during a recent show. The whole thing is obviously worth a listen, and you can hear it here.