Classixx Sues H&M Over Classixx Tops

LA dance-pop duo Classixx make the sort of sleek, upbeat, metropolitan music that seems to flourish in shopping malls, so it wouldn’t be at all surprising if they’d licensed H&M to sell T-shirts bearing their band name. As it turns out, H&M has indeed been selling shirts with the word “Classixx” emblazoned across the front, but the band says those shirts are unlicensed. A copyright infringement complaint filed Thursday in United States District Court in the Central Distict of California names Classixx members Michael David and Tyler Blake plus their company Hush Hush Sound, Inc. as plaintiffs and H&M as a defendant. A rep for Classixx explains that H&M has denied any wrongdoing and asserted through counsel that they had never heard of the musical group before they started selling Classixx tops. However, Classixx’s lawyers cite, among other evidence, the fact that H&M has played Classixx’s music in their stores. Should be a fun trial! Check out the allegedly infringing shirts below.

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