Costumed Woman Attacks Regrettes Singer Onstage At Growlers Six

Costumed Woman Attacks Regrettes Singer Onstage At Growlers Six

This past weekend, the Growlers, the band that formerly curated the California music festival Beach Goth, headlined their own Growlers Six festival at the Los Angeles Waterfront. The Growlers headlined both days of the festival, and artists like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Modest Mouse, Dan Auerbach, and Danny Brown performed. But during yesterday’s set from LA punk band the Regrettes, it appears that a costumed woman jumped onstage and attacked singer Lydia Night.

Here’s footage:

And here is what appears to be the immediate aftermath of the attack:

A couple of other tweets from the event:

Member of the band were in contact with police after the attack.

UPDATE: The band’s singer Lydia Night has shared a statement via Instagram, which reads in part: “Yesterday, someone invaded my safe space in an aggressive manner and that is absolutely not okay. Thank you for all of your concern and love. I am still pretty shocked about what went down, but I will be totally fine. I did not know the girl who attacked me. I was told she was on a lot of drugs and mistook me for someone else.” Read the full statement below.

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