Oh Sees – “Nite Expo” Video

Oh Sees – “Nite Expo” Video

Thee Oh Sees, or Oh Sees, or OCS, or whatever John Dwyer is calling his band these days, have a new album coming out next month. But today, they’re looking back to this summer’s LP Orc with a colorful animated video for “Nite Expo” from director Alex Theodoropulos. “Animation and role-playing games were a huge part of my youth, so I was really excited to work on this with Alex Theodoropulos and make a fun Halloween video that harkens back to the real simple times,” Dwyer says. “Imagination running wild and no thoughts of a heavy world. So, for now, a momentary break and happy Halloween.” So happy Halloween, and watch a knight with a weird face chop up all kinds of monsters below.

Orc is out now on Castle Face.

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