Priests’ Katie Alice Greer Explains Why She Left Stage In The Hague After Heckling From Crowd

A couple of nights ago, the Washington, DC punks Priests, one of the greatest live bands working today, played in the Netherlands city of the Hague. This was the final date of their European tour, and it was part of the Crossing Border festival. During the show, after someone in the crowd yelled that the band should “play something we can dance to,” frontwoman Katie Alice Greer left the stage early. In a statement posted on Twitter, Greer apologizes to the crowd and says it’s the first time she’s ever done that. But she also writes that two men harassed her outside the venue after the show. And she writes affectingly about the kind of intimidation and misogyny that she faces as a woman on tour, making it clear that this type of shit is not acceptable: “I try my best to navigate the world respectfully, and for me respect in return is non-negotiable. I should be able to perform without you shouting at me, and I should be able to get some goddamn fresh air, without being harassed. I’m not asking for the fucking moon here.” Here’s her statement:

If you get a chance to see Priests live, you should absolutely do that, and you should not yell any dumb shit.