S. Carey – “Fool’s Gold”

Bon Iver member and fellow widescreen prog-folk craftsman S. Carey returned last spring with “Brassy Sun,” a track written for Netflix’s Flaked that also heralded the arrival of a new Carey album in 2018. Many months later, 2018 is almost upon us, and therefore so is the new album. Today we learn all the relevant details: It’s called Hundred Acres. It arrives this February on Jagjaguwar. It was recorded mostly at Justin Vernon’s April Base studio. Gordi, another Jagjaguwar signee of a similar aesthetic persuasion, contributes vocals on three tracks. And the lead single is a plaintive sonic reflection called “Fool’s Gold” that you can hear below.

Here’s the tracklist, which does not include “Brassy Sun,” incidentally:

01 “Rose Petals”
02 “Hideout”
03 “Yellowstone”
04 “True North”
05 “Emery”
06 “Hundred Acres”
07 “More I See”
08 “Fool’s Gold”
09 “Have You Stopped To Notice”
10 “Meadow Song”

Carey and Gordi are also going on tour together:

Hundred Acres is out 2/23 on Jagjaguwar. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Cameron Wittig
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