Metric’s Emily Haines Announces New Fragrance

Metric’s Emily Haines Announces New Fragrance

Metric frontwoman Emily Haines released her second solo record, Choir Of The Mind, back in September. Since then, Haines has teamed up with Seattle-based perfumery House Of Matriarch to debut her own fragrance, aptly named “Siren.”

About her fragrance, Haines writes:

My fragrance collaboration with House Of Matriarch started as a long-ago wish. The last time I passed through Seattle on tour with Metric, HoM Creatrix Christi Meshell had left a very special gift for me in my dressing room, a curated selection of some of her most intoxicating scents: Trillium, Black No 1, Madrona, Orca… I was fascinated by the names etched into these gorgeous blue bottles in copper, and I loved the way that inhaling these mysterious combinations of florals and earth and wood made me feel. This was definitely not perfume as I had experienced it within the conventional realms of headache-inducing magazine samples and those faux glitzy duty-free zones in airports. This was its magical opposite.

I imagined myself creating my own signature scent someday with House of Matriarch but it wasn’t until I had completed Choir of the Mind that I finally worked up the nerve to reach out to Ms. Meshell and just straight-up ask. To my delight and surprise, she responded to my message immediately with a resounding YES (along with an impressive knowledge of the entire Metric discography and mythology.) Turns out she was as fond of collaborations as I am, (the trio of Twin Peaks scents she created with David Lynch for example), and in no time we were delving into possibilities. Having embarked on this knowing nothing, I learned a lot in a very short period of time. Christi generously guided me through the process, starting with dozens of options, teaching me the components of each scent profile and the possibilities that exist within them, honing in on the elements I responded to most through a meticulous series of questions and responses. And so it is with great pleasure that I present to you to my latest labour of love… Siren.

“Siren” is vegan, cruelty free, halal, and doesn’t include any animal products or synthetic ingredients. What’s left is a high concentrated scent of amber, Moroccan rose, and East Indian sandalwood with floral top notes. Joined by an equally woodsy incense “Dark Forest,” “Siren” will be sold exclusively on Haines’ Choir Of The Mind tour with the exception of some signed limited edition bottles of the fragrance available via House Of Matriarch.

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