U.S. Girls – “Velvet 4 Sale” Video

Meg Remy’s long-standing project U.S. Girls is releasing a new album called In A Poem Unlimited in February. It’s the follow-up to 2015’s Half Free, and we’ve already heard “Mad As Hell” from it. New single “Velvet 4 Sale” is a breathy, slinky track about enacting revenge on abusers: “Instill in them the fear that comes with being prey.” “Men are lucky women (and children) have yet to take up arms,” Remy wrote in a statement. “And although I hope this never happens and I completely disagree that violence is ever effective, this very idea was ripe for a song.” Its accompanying video, which was co-directed by Remy and Alex Kingsmill, plays out a scenario in which Remy plays a cop who’s trailed by another cop after she responds to a domestic violence call at his house. Watch and listen below.

01 “Velvet 4 Sale”
02 “Rage Of Plastics”
03 “Mad As Hell
04 “Why Do I Lose My Voice When I Have Something To Say”
05 “Rosebed”
06 “Incidental Boogie”
07 “L-Over”
08 “Pearly Gates”
09 “Poem”
10 “Traviata”
11 “Time”

In A Poem Unlimited is out 2/16 via 4AD.