Watch Bono, Chris Martin, Diddy, Others Do Goofy Shit On Jimmy Kimmel’s Annual (RED) Show

Every year, Jimmy Kimmel dedicates one special night of his show to raising money for the AIDS-fighting nonprofit (RED). And every year, it mostly revolves around roping many, many celebrities into wacky hijinks. This year’s show was last night, and it featured, among others, Barack Obama, Bryan Cranston, Kristen Bell, Ashton Kutcher, and Sean Penn. And then there were the music people.

Bono more or less co-hosted the night, being his usual expansive self and offering up, for fundraising auction, the chance to play mini-golf with himself and the Edge, breaking what he called a longstanding pact, among the members of U2, to never play golf. Diddy showed up with a gigantic novelty check and claimed that he’d be willing to give a new name to the highest bidder. Bono and Coldplay’s Chris Martin sang the old standard “One For My Baby” while a silent Sean Penn pretended to be a bartender. And then, just like last year, we got an all-star singalong on the updated novelty song “We’re Going To Hell,” which featured Kimmel, Bono, Bell, Cranston, Kutcher, Rita Wilson, a cheerfully atonal DJ Khaled, and Diddy pretending to play sousaphone. Watch them all below.

U2’s new album Songs Of Experience is out Friday, and I guess we have to give Bono credit for not promoting it.