Hear Hannibal Buress Interview Mitski On Handsome Rambler

Marc Maron isn’t the only comedian who regularly hosts musicians on his podcast. The brilliant stand-up Hannibal Burress is the man behind Handsome Rambler, an almost absurdly entertaining listen in which Buress and his DJ Tony Trimm talk kick loose conversational ideas around and noodle on theremins and other synthy doodads whenever the conversation slows down. Most of Buress’ guests are fellow comedians, but he’s also featured musicians like Killer Mike and Animal Collective. He almost always asks if they have sex to their own music.

Buress’ latest guest is Mitski, who was recently in Buress’ Chicago hometown to play a Red Bull-sponsored show. And it’s a total blast to hear them together; Mitski is funnier than anyone gives her credit for being. I’m only about halfway through, but so far, the conversation has touched on Mitski’s international upbringing, haunted AirB&Bs, sleep paralysis, the travails of touring, the differences between doing comedy and music onstage, and what Miski’s signature rap ad-lib would be if she had one. Listen below.