Watch The National Play “Day I Die” On Ellen

Because the world seems to be spinning out of control more and more each week, I personally find myself starting my mornings with the hazy, glitchy head-cold music of the National’s great new album Sleep Well Beast quite a bit these days. And on this particular morning, we have a video of the band’s stopping by daytime TV for a performance on Ellen. They played Sleep Well Beast highlight “Day I Die,” one of the catchier and more anthemic picks in the National’s current crop of new material. It’s also an instant-National-classic that is an absolute killer when you see them live. It’s a TV performance and all, but you can get a hint of that with what they did on Ellen, particularly in how that additional percussion makes the song rush forward even more insistently than the recorded version. Check it out below.

Sleep Well Beast is out now on 4AD.