The Avalanches Prep Since I Left You Deluxe Edition

The Avalanches Prep Since I Left You Deluxe Edition

Australian DJ crew the Avalanches are have once again reported for active duty. The group is already working on a third album, the follow-up to last year’s long-in-the-works Wildflower. And now it looks like they’re getting ready to put out a deluxe expanded edition of their 2000 debut-album masterpiece Since I Left You, an album so beloved that it took them 16 years to make another one.

There hasn’t been any official announcement yet, but as this Reddit thread points out, there’s plenty of evidence — a couple of images of label-catalog info, a couple of foreign online-retailer pages — to suggest that Astralwerks is planning to release a massive 33-track version of Since I Left You early next year. The reissue, supposedly set to arrive 2/9, will supposedly feature a second disc of unreleased remixes and demos. There may also be a four-LP version of the album in the works. Again, none of this is confirmed, but keep watching the skies.

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