Empire Of The Sun’s Luke Steele Teases Dreams Project With Silverchair’s Daniel Johns

Remember Silverchair? If you’re old enough, you probably do, at least vaguely. If you don’t, they were the Australian teenagers who had a couple of extremely cheesy grunge songs that did well on American modern rock radio in the mid ’90s. “There’s no bathroom, and there is no sink / The water from the tap is veeeery…. hard to drink“: That was them! They remained popular in Australia for a much longer time, only going on hiatus in 2011. And now it appears that former Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns has a new project with a fellow Australian: Empire Of The Sun’s Luke Steele.

Reader Chris Brandon points out that the Coachella lineup features a band called Dreams, which is such a generic name that most of us just glazed right over it. But Rolling Stone Australia points out that Steele and Johns have been teasing a project together for a while, and back in August, Johns posted an Instagram photo of himself and Steele back in August, with the caption “early DREAMS.”


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Meanwhile, a mysterious website for a band called DREAMS launched recently, playing a 48-second snippet of a squelchy, synthy song called “No One Defeats Us.” And yesterday, Steele posted this on Facebook:

If you’re wondering how this random-ass collaboration ended up on the Coachella lineup, just remember that Coachella is always lousy with Australians, and they always show out for any Australian acts.