Moaning – “Artificial” Video

Post-punk Moaning were founded in the LA DIY scene, a sensibility that carries into their reverb-laden sound. The trio is now ahead of their self-titled debut album after signing to Sub Pop in October; we heard the lead single, “Don’t Go,” in November, and today they’ve shared “Artificial” with an accompanying video. The song supports their band name in its moody tone — frontman Sean Solomon knowingly grouses punk platitudes like “nothing is fair” — met with anxious, shifting visuals that reference 120 Minutes, the old MTV alt-rock program that ran off-and-on from the late 80s until 2013. Guitarist Sean Solomon explains, “The video mirrors the themes of insincerity and artificiality in the song. To shoot the video we used practical effects to warp the viewers perception of what’s happening. It was appropriately shot in Los Angeles on 35mm film much like other disingenuous Hollywood productions.” Watch and listen below.

Moaning is out 3/2 on Sub Pop. Pre-order it here.

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