Bonny Doon – “I Am Here (I Am Alive)”

Bonny Doon – “I Am Here (I Am Alive)”

We became big fans of Bonny Doon’s self-titled debut album last year, and apparently so did the braintrust at Woodsist Records: The label will release Bonny Doon’s sophomore LP Longwave this March. It’s preceded today by lead single “I Am Here (I Am Alive),” which finds the Detroit band continuing to carry the torch for Silver Jews and other heroes of ambling, melancholy, poetic indie rock. A loosely cascading drumbeat and weepy lap steel help light the way to a simple yet resonant chorus, “Time, feel like I’m wasting time/ Just wanna be where I’m going.” It’s quite nice, so please listen to it.


1. “Long Wave”
2. “A Lotta Things”
3. “I Am Here (I Am Alive)”
4. “Take Me Away”
5. “Where Do You Go”
6. “Saved”
7. “Saw A Light”
8. “Try To Be”
9. “Part Of Me”
10. Walkdown”

Longwave is out in March on Woodsist. Pre-order it in physical and digital formats.

Bonny Doon
CREDIT: Chloe Sells

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