China Cracks Down On Hip-Hop

As an increasingly globalized society, China has recently been dealing with an influx of Western culture, and that naturally includes hip-hop. At various points in the past few years, China has done what it could to turn rap music into propaganda; witness this anti-THAAD rap video. But it looks like the nation, in its constant tug-of-war between globalization and repressive Communism, has cracked down on some of its most prominent hip-hop artists.

Reuters reports that the Chinese government has recently pulled appearances from rappers PG One and GAI, the two winners of its popular reality show Rap Of China. PG One, pictured, was recently forced to apologize for what Reuters calls “lewd lyrics,” and his music has been pulled from websites. Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency, has written that PG One “does not deserve the stage.”

GAI, meanwhile, was in third place on the popular reality show The Singer, but the show recently dropped him without explanation. And the rapper Vava was also pulled from the variety show Happy Camp.

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