Suede Announce 25th Anniversary Box Set Of Debut Album Featuring Previously Unreleased Material

Way back in 1993, the glammy, preening Britpop originators Suede released their self-titled debut, one of the great rock albums of its era, and kicked off an absolute Strokes-level fury of hype in their homeland. And this year, the band will celebrate that album’s 25th anniversary by releasing an absolutely massive box-set edition of the LP, one that will include pretty much every piece of bonus material you could possibly ever hope to collect, some of which is previously unreleased. There will, of course, be the album itself. There will be a bonus disc of B-sides — notable since Suede, in grand British-band tradition, kept some of their best songs off of their albums. There will be a disc that will include demos, monitor mixes, and a BBC Radio 1 session. There will be another disc that’ll feature a recording of a February 1993 live show in Sheffield. And there will be a DVD that’ll feature six of the band’s BBC TV performances, as well as a bonus feature where former bandmates Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler will go through the album track-by-track. Check out the full tracklist below.

CD1 (original album):

01 “So Young”
02 “Animal Nitrate”
03 “She’s Not Dead”
04 “Moving”
05 “Pantomime Horse”
06 “The Drowners”
07 “Sleeping Pills”
08 “Breakdown”
09 “Metal Mickey”
10 “Animal Lover”
11 “The Next Life”

CD 2 (The B-Sides):

01 “My Insatiable One”
02 “To The Birds”
03 “He’s Dead”
04 “Where The Pigs Don’t Fly”
05 “Painted People”
06 “The Big Time”
07 “High Rising”
08 “Dolly”
09 “My Insatiable One (Piano Version)”
10 “Brass In Pocket”

CD 3 (Demos, Monitor Mixes, & BBC Radio 1 Session):

01 “The Drowners” (Rocking Horse Demos, October 1991)
03 “He’s Dead” (Rocking Horse Demos, October 1991)
03 “Moving” (Rocking Horse Demos, October 1991)
04 “To The Birds” (Rocking Horse Demos, October 1991)
05 “Metal Mickey” (Island Demos, January 1992)
06 “Pantomime Horse” (Island Demos, January 1992)
07 “High Wire (My Insatiable One)” (Island Demos, January 1992)
08 “The Drowners” (Island Demos, January 1992)
09 “To The Birds” (Island Demos, January 1992)
10 “Sleeping Pills” (East West Demo, March 1992)
11 “The Drowners” (Single Monitor Mixes, March 1992
12 “To The Birds” (Single Monitor Mixes, March 1992
13 “My Insatiable One” (Single Monitor Mixes, March 1992
14 “Metal Mickey” (BBC Radio 1, Mark Goodier Show, April 1992)
15 “The Drowners” (BBC Radio 1, Mark Goodier Show, April 1992)
16 “Sleeping Pills” (BBC Radio 1, Mark Goodier Show, April 1992)
17 “Moving” (BBC Radio 1, Mark Goodier Show, April 1992)
18 “Diesel” (Instrumental Studio Outtake)
19 “Stars On 45″ (Rehearsal Room Recording)
20 “Sleeping Pills (Strings)”

CD4 (Live At The Leadmill, February 1993):

01 “Metal Mickey”
02 “Moving”
03 “My Insatiable One”
04 “Animal Nitrate”
05 “Pantomime Horse”
06 “The Drowners”
07 “Painted People”
08 “So Young”
09 “Animal Lover”
10 “Sleeping Pills”
11 “To The Birds”


01 “The Drowner” (The Late Show, 5/7/92)
02 “Metal Mickey” (Top Of The Pops, 9/24/92)
03 “So Young” (Top Of The Pops, 5/27/93)
04 “So Young” (Later… With Jools Holland, 6/4/93)
05 “The Next Life” (Later… With Jools Holland, 6/4/93)
06 “My Insatiable One” (Later… With Jools Holland, 6/4/93)

The box-set edition of Suede is out 3/30. Brett Anderson will also publish his book Coal Black Mornings 3/1.

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