Grammys 2018: U2 Shout Out “The Shithole Countries”

U2’s Bono and the Edge first appeared at tonight’s Grammys awards as part of the Kendrick Lamar opening number, and they appeared later on in the night in a pre-taped segment to perform their Songs Of Experience team-up “Get Out Of Your Own Way.” The band played on a barge in the middle of the Hudson River in front of the Statue Of Liberty, and were introduced by Camila Cabello, who talked about her experience being a Cuban-American. Towards the end of the song, Bono ad-libbed a reference to President Trump’s recent racist comments, saying “Blessed are the shithole countries” into a megaphone, which was bleeped out of the live airing. Watch the performance below.

Here’s Cabello’s introduction: