Father John Misty Mock Accepts His Grammy Onstage In Sydney: “Fuck Society … FlatEarth.com”

Father John Misty was nominated for two awards at this past Sunday’s Grammy Awards. His 2017 opus Pure Comedy lost Best Alternative Music album to the National’s Sleep Well Beast, but Pure Comedy did actually win one extremely prestigious award: Best Recording Package. (Pure Comedy actually tied to share the award with Magín Díaz’s El Orisha De La Rose, but it did beat Sleep Well Beast, which was also nominated.) The Mist made the exceedingly sane decision to skip the ceremony. But at a show in Sydney earlier today, he did accept the Grammy in the most Mistian way possible.

Giving a witheringly insincere speech in front of his own live-show crowd, Josh Tillman, speaking in the cadence of an award winner breathlessly rattling off thank-yous, said, “I just want to say fuck society. I want to say that this government is a criminal organization. Uh, FlatEarth.com.” And he added that the award proved that “this is really evidence of the fact that it’s what’s outside [that matters].” Watch a fan-made video of his heartwarming acceptance speech below.

It’s probably worth mentioning Tillman shared the award with packaging co-designers Sasha Barr and Ed Steed, and it’s pretty fucked up that he didn’t give them the podium, too. (Or maybe they were just not on the Australian tour with him.)